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SuperSauce Rockstar Nights LIVE at the Tally-Ho!

“Premium Rock’aoke Challenge”
Sing with a Live Band  |  Sing for Fun


  • Do you love to sing?
  • Do you want to show off your vocal talents in a fun, party like atmosphere?


So What

  • Even Better.  How about singing in front of a live band?


Now What

  • Introducing … SuperSauce Rockstar Nights – Live!
  • Check around town for the next SuperSauce Rockstar Night!

What are Rockstar Nights?

Rockstar Nights give you the opportunity to sing and party with a live band.  The night is designed to encourage crowd participation.  SuperSauce will warm up the crowd at the beginning of the night and end the sets to balance the entertainment and provide something for every listener.  In between is your chance to sing join us and show everyone what you’ve got.


Rockstar Nights “Rules”

You can read the Rockstar Nights Rules here.

The Song List