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Rockstar Nights – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t get too drunk, we won’t let you sing. Everyone loves a train wreck, but the “too drunk” kind is a real downer!
  • If you are sick, please Do bring your own mic (we don’t want to get sick, germs from microphones can spread) or stay home and get well soon!
  • Do bring a desire to sing and have fun!
  • Sorry, this isn’t a jam. Use of band instruments is not part of this event format. You are on stage to sing. Please Do bring your tambourine but Don’t bring your cowbell…we have enough!
  • Don’t be a jerk. If your ego is too big for the stage, we can’t fit you on the stage.
  • Don’t damage the Mics or other equipment, you are responsible for the costs of replacement. Swinging the Mic like Roger Daltry will result in immediate expulsion.
  • Please Do come back and sing/sign up anytime.
  • Performing with a partner is okay.
  • Do register early in the bar to be included in the nights performance.  There are limited spots. First registered, first served.
    • If it’s your birthday, we want you on stage and accommodations will be made to try and make that happen
    • If you pay $25 to a charity, (you must provide evidence and the receipt must show the date of the nights event), you will be given the opportunity to perform a second song
  • Don’t ask the band to restart a song, it’s live or die out there in Rockstars Nights – so good luck!
  • Do be in the bar at the time of the announcement of the winner, in order to be eligible for the finals.