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Don’t mind us. We’ve always intended on producing some professional promotional material but we all have lives, families and we find our work and reputation speaks for itself anyways.  We often get gigs through satisfied customer referrals. That said, here is a smattering of places where you can find out more about us and our sound.  We have a tonne of material and can play all night.  We’ll get some promo up here soon enough. Until then, check us out around town as we frequent several venues in Victoria.

SuperSauce Photos

SuperSauce Video Sampler

Tunes Sampler (Live at Sugar Nightclub)

“Rebel Yell” (Live at Sugar Nightclub)

And if you still need more, the drummer (Sean Wallbridge), keyboardist (Arman Tesoro) and Bassist (Bil Underwood) were in The Usual Suspects; Envision these 2007 YouTube videos without this singer and a different guitarist (now Dave Dahlberg). ;)