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Seasoned Musicians

All of the SuperSauce members have extensive experience as professional musicians and are active in various projects around Victoria. This gives us the added benefit of being able to pull from a large network of musicians and connections to support gigs and support the band in the event of needing to fill in a position.  In short, we are professional and reliable.

We Love to Sauce it Up!

SuperSauce takes great songs that we occasionally twist, manipulate and spice up to make the tunes our own.  With four capable lead singers, our sets are full of thick harmonies and shared male and female leads giving us a huge variety to our music selection, all night long. The band is a mixture of a litre of Rock, a tablespoon of Roll and a heaping helping of good times!

SuperSauce Party Band

We genuinely like each other and have a blast playing together. This creates an authentic, infectious party atmosphere.